Dead Hand / Shroud Eater Split

 Artwork by Jean Saiz

Artwork by Jean Saiz


released November 21, 2016

SHROUD EATER // "Destroy the Monolith"
Recorded by: Davin Sosa & Aric Meerbot / Guzu Recordings
Mixed & Mastered by: Aric Meerbot
Written & performed by: Shroud Eater
Jean Saiz - guitar, vox
Janette Valentine - bass, vox
Davin Sosa - drums, vox, synth
Art & Lyrics by Jean Saiz

Dead Hand and Shroud Eater join forces to deliver this sonic pummeling of a 7".

Shroud Eater brings their Miami Sludge groove harder than ever on "Destroy the Monolith". Dead Hand prove once again that they are masters of Doom with their track "Guaiacol". Released by Southern Druid Records.


"Shroud Eater subscribe more to the Electric Wizard school of doom—windswept, lost soul vocals, unrelenting grooves, heaps of distortion—while Dead Hand reach for more of a lurching, cosmic YOB-inspired vibe. Whichever poison suits you better, you're going to win out either way, because on both, it all comes down to the power of the almighty riff." - Noisey

"Shroud Eater is – I think relentless is the word I’m looking for ... they start off with a grinding pace and a tight grip and they don’t ever let go." - Now This Is Sound

"To put it in context, they ride comfortably between the heavier sludge of Kylesa and the galloping riff wizardy of High On Fire. Indeed that’s a tall order but this trio pulls it off masterfully." - Nine Circles