Strike The Sun


Released July 7, 2017 on digital, vinyl and cd format via STB Records. Cassette release August 18, 2017 via Primitive Violence Records.
All songs written & performed by Shroud Eater. 
Recorded & engineered by Davin Sosa. 
Drums & reamping recorded by High Five Audio. 
Mixed by Sanford Parker. 
Mastered by Tony Reed. 
Artwork by Gordon Grady
Lyrics by Jean Saiz & Janette Valentine.

All songs written & performed by Shroud Eater.


Strike the Sun, our first full-length since 2011's ThunderNoise, is the culmination of on and off recording sessions that saw us from October of 2015 to March of the following year. The record, clocking in at around 43 minutes, is more spacious and groove-oriented than its predecessors. With a greater emphasis on production, huge, meaty tones, and out-of-this-world vocals and themes, we hope the listener can walk away with the sum of the blood and sweat poured into this record. There was much of it. Mixed by Sanford Parker, Mastered by Tony Reed, and Released by STB Records.



"One of the country's best modern sludge/doom bands" - Metal Injection

"A monolithic, scuzzed-out album from this unconquerable sludge trio" - Noisey

"Some bands are cut from a similar cloth and some are tempered steel emerging from the flames of hades and beaten into the formidable weapon that will clear paths and emerge victorious atop a throne of skulls. That would be Shroud Eater; they rule." - Pure Honey Magazine

"Brimming with sludge and excitement, Miami’s Shroud Eater exudes excellence on Strike the Sun." - Rock and Roll Fables

"Shrouded in an evil cloak of heaviness and sonic beauty that with hard work and dedication to their craft have yielded great results thus catapulting them into the realm of Doom juggernauts" - Heavy Planet

"Eight tracks of Shroud Eater’s most focused, damaging work to date, and each visit with the thing is massive and hammering." - Meat Mead Metal

"Shroud Eater have delivered a monster record that proves that you can still create new and exciting music in this familiar mold." - Metal-Rules